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The credit business, which is said to exist without Credit Bureau, has been booming for many years. Unfortunately, the winners and thus the beneficiaries cannot be found on the consumer side, but often only on the provider side. Because what so-called credit intermediaries promise in this regard often has no hold.

If you believe a study, despite Credit Bureau loans can only be made through a credit intermediary in 1% of inquiries. With all other inquiries, the searcher only pays. How to get loans despite all this despite Credit Bureau will be explained here.

Look closely and compare

Look closely and compare

There are black sheep in every industry. In addition, the wishes of consumers are advertised everywhere. Because it is always aligned in such a way that it suggests what we would like to read and hear.

Consumers with a bad Credit Bureau are particularly vulnerable to such advertising. They are usually in a financial situation and are grateful for any help that enables them to escape from it. And so it is advertised with loans that are supposed to be given without the annoying Credit Bureau.

Unfortunately, reality shows something different. Very few intermediaries can really get such a loan. Because they only exist from abroad. And hardly anyone has contacts there. If you are interested in loans despite Credit Bureau, you should always look for contact with the offering bank yourself.

Switzerland is the market leader

Switzerland is the market leader

And so it is mainly our neighboring country, Switzerland, where banks see themselves able to grant a loan to foreign customers without Credit Bureau. In order to be able to make contact here, you should first find out on the Internet which banks they are and their conditions for a loan. Because without Credit Bureau does not mean that you can also be without work.

If you want a Swiss loan, you have to do a steady job and earn a good income from it. If you live near Switzerland, it is advisable to travel there directly and apply for the loan on site from the bank. It is important that you have all the required documents with you so that the application can be processed immediately.

If you do not live so cheaply, you can also apply for a loan online. This takes a little longer, but does not reduce the chances of getting a loan. It is also worthwhile to call the bank and inquire about the exact procedure. So that no bad surprises await in the end.

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