How to have a virtual credit card for online shopping

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Today we buy constantly in the process and products online. But how can we be sure not to put our bank account at risk every time we enter credit card information on an unknown site? Simple: using a virtual credit card! Here’s how to create one in minutes.


What is a virtual credit card?

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A virtual credit card is a service offered by many lenders that allows users to use their real credit card for payments, but hiding the 3 codes: 16-digit number, expiration date and security code.


How does the virtual credit card work?

As already mentioned, the virtual credit card is based on a real card. At the time of creation, these temporary codes are provided to the user and can be used to make a single payment or for a limited period of time, regardless of the amount spent. since temporary codes created ad hoc are used, it is a much safer payment method than those with a credit card on your smartphone or those made with a real credit card.


Create virtual credit card: choice of type

credit card work?

When you decide to create a virtual credit card, you have to choose between two types, according to your needs.

  • Disposable virtual credit card: this first type of virtual credit card can be used only once, regardless of the amount spent. This means that I can create a 100 dollar disposable virtual credit card and spend only 50 dollar . But after this purchase (or in any case after 5 days of creation) the credit card will expire. Obviously the remaining credit will be returned to us on the real card.
    This type of virtual card is the ideal solution for the purchase (without too many worries) of a product on offer on an unknown site, but it can also be used to buy products on Amazon.
  • “Durable” virtual credit card: this second type of card can be used several times, but will have a predetermined duration after which it will expire and the relevant codes can no longer be used. Again, any unused credit is returned to the real card.
    This type of virtual card is the ideal solution for arranging a periodic payment of installments with a predefined end date.


How to create virtual credit card

Many lenders offer their customers the ability to create virtual credit cards. The procedures are very similar for all. Here are the main steps:

  • access the home banking of your credit institution;
  • click on “cards” in the main menu;
  • select the item: “create a new virtual card”;
  • select the real card to which to associate the virtual credit card;
  • choose the type of virtual card you want to create (“disposable” or “lasting”);
  • indicates the amount (if “disposable”) or the months of validity (if “of duration”);
  • confirm and you will get your virtual credit card.

As you have seen, this is a quick and easy way to feel free to shop online without jeopardizing your account in any way!

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